Drying Your Carpet: The Importance of Not Overlooking the Padding

Drying Your Carpet:  The Importance of Not Overlooking the Padding

While carpet padding is often not a top priority during the drying process, it deserves attention to avoid additional work. Here’s essential information to streamline your carpet padding care.

Drying Wet Carpet ServiceLevel of Dampness: Never underestimate the extent of moisture in a seemingly slightly damp carpet. It’s crucial to check the carpet padding, as water can quickly penetrate it. Carpets act as a sort of filter, allowing water to seep through and saturate the padding. Even if you believe you’ve thoroughly dried the carpet, returning to find it wet again may indicate unchecked moisture in the padding, causing the problem to resurface.

Professional Carpet Cleaning: Contrary to common belief, not all professional carpet cleaning methods ensure complete drying of the padding. Simply hiring a professional may not cover all the bases. The effectiveness of the drying process depends on whether the company uses deep extraction tools specifically designed to remove water from both the carpet and the padding. Incomplete drying can put you and your family at risk of exposure to mould and bacteria.

Choose a Competent Provider: When hiring a professional carpet cleaning company for flood or leak-related issues, inquire about their approach to drying the padding. The best carpet cleaning companies employ equipment and techniques designed to thoroughly dry both the carpet and the padding, ensuring the restoration of a healthy, moisture-free environment for your home.”

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