Water Extraction

Expert Water Extraction Service

Water extraction is a significant step when any form of water damage has occurred. Whether from flood, leaks or even a bath or sink that has overflowed, water extraction must take place quickly to prevent/minimise damage. That is why we offer a 24/7 water extraction service across many Australian cities.

Prevent/Minimise Moisture Damage

Moisture is a culprit for causing all kinds of damage from mould and mildew to buckling baseboards. We will extract every ounce of moisture from your carpet to ensure moisture damage does not occur. Taking prompt action is vital in us delivering the very best possible results.

Mould Prevention

We can assist with water damage not just from flooding or leaks, we can also help identify moisture issues such as water collecting in your window wells. It is imperative to identify all sources of moisture to eliminate the threat of mould. We treat affected areas to not only remove existing mould issues, but to also prevent further growth.

Complete Extraction

We use only the most powerful vacuum systems to extract water from your carpets. We also use dehumidifiers and blowers to ensure your carpets are completely dry to avoid future moisture damage.

If you have suffered from water damage, flooding or leaks or have noticed an unusual odour or misty windows in your home, give us a call. We will inspect the areas in question, identify the issues and can proceed with our water extraction and mould preventing procedures to keep your home free from moisture damage and the hazards of mould.

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