Wet Carpet

No matter the condition or cause, we offer wet carpet cleaning to bring your carpets back to their original condition. You can depend on our professional team of carpet cleaners to advise on the best service to clean your carpets most effectively. Removing the Dangers  Our first goal is to remove any dangers associated with wet carpet. We will check to see if your carpet has been exposed to contaminated water and recommend the best route to take even if it means disposing of the carpet to keep you safe. Protecting from Mould  Mould can cause many health issues and preventing it from growing is a top priority. Wet carpet is associated with many complications, especially mould. We take every precaution to prevent the growth of mould with top sanitization and deodorizing techniques. We use an anti-microbial spray to prevent mould from developing and then complete a full drying process to ensure all moisture is removed to avoid future issues. Some signs of mould issues include windows misting over during the winter or an unusual, musty odour. Fresh and Clean Water can also cause discoloration as well as create foul odours. We take measures to ensure stains are removed along with any odours using deodorizers and anti-browning spray. If necessary we will also use blowers and dehumidifiers to ensure your carpet is completely dry. Final Cleaning  Once all dangers have been removed we complete a final cleaning and deodorizing leaving your carpets fresh and clean, safe for family living. If you have wet carpets requiring restoration, we can supply you with the advice and services to stop moisture damage in its tracks, help prevent mould and bring your carpets back to their original condition.

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