We’ll Let Our Customers Do the Talking


We take every effort to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied with our services. Here’s what our customers across Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Gold Coast and beyond have to say about the outstanding services we have been providing:

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“I had no idea we would get someone to our home at 2 in the morning. But my son found Water Damage Specialist online and they were able to come right away! We were so relieved!”

G. Colgan, Retired

“I thought I would have to spend a lot of money on new flooring, but a friend told me we should just get our carpets cleaned. Water Damage Specialist were able to bring new life to our carpets and saved us a ton of money. We are very grateful.”

F. Murray-Levi, Marketing Assistant

“The smell seemed to be coming from the basement, but when Water Damage Specialist came they discovered mould under the carpeting in almost every room. They were able to take care of it right away and now our home smells clean again.”

B. Walsh, Administrative Assistant

“We had just had new carpeting installed when the water damage occurred. We were so upset and thought all of that money had gone to waste. Water Damage Specialist told us not to worry and sure enough our carpets were looking like new again the very same day. We couldn’t believe it!”

S. Van Johnson, IT Specialist

“My kids were afraid to go back into the living room because of the horrible smell. Water Damage Specialist were able to restore our carpets and the kids were able to watch TV and play without any troubles at all.”

M. Emerson, Stay at Home Mom

“Our family was devastated by the damages we suffered from a leaky pipe. Water Damage Specialist arrived right away and were able to get things back to normal for us. Thanks so much.”

D. Stone, Teacher