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Trying to Deal with Mould? We’re Sydney’s #1  Mould Removal Service. Call Us and Make Mould a Problem of the Past!

We Treat Any Mould Anywhere: Carpets, Sub-Floors, Skirting Boards, Walls, Ceilings, Plasterboard and More

– Prompt 24/7 Service to Sydney and Beyond

– State-of-the-Art Equipment for The Best Results

– We Treat Homes, Businesses, Caravans, Boats & More

– Accredited with All Major Australian Insurers

– Friendly & Highly-Experienced Mould Remediation Team

– 100% Family Owned & Operated Business

“The smell seemed to be coming from the basement, but when Water Damage Specialist came they discovered mould under the carpeting in almost every room. They were able to take care of it right away and now our home smells clean again.” – B. Walsh  more reviews


Our Mould Removal Technicians

Why Our Treatment Service Is So Effective, and How it Works:

When it comes to treating mould, it’s vital that the mould is correctly treated, otherwise it will just grow straight back and possibly even get worse. We utilise specialised equipment and processes perfected over many years, that are guaranteed to work:

  1. We conduct a full inspection of your property. Our technicians use moisture tests to detect the mould, look for visible signs of mould and speak to the customer to understand the history of the property (e.g. if there’s been previous flooding).

  2. Once the areas of mould have been detected, we will provide a scope of work to the customer, identifying what areas of mould can be restored and from there recommend to the customer the most appropriate treatment that needs to be applied to remove the mould.

  3. We remove all visible traces of mould using our Mould and Micro-Organism Decontaminate Treatment (eradicates the mould and decontaminates infectious environments). Once this has been done, the Mould Remediation HEPA Filter Vacuum is used (provides the suction required for efficient removal of mould spores).

  4. We offer decontamination fogging (eliminates all airborne mould spores and bacteria), misting the entire property with a mould treatment that is certified, local, made in Australia, non-toxic and biodegradable.

  5. To complete the mould removal process we purify the air, making it fresh and removing any remaining bacteria, through the HEPA Filter Air Scrubber.

  6. You can now enjoy your new mould-free space!

Our Water Damage and Flooded Carpet Drying Team


We Deliver Comprehensive Sydney Mould Removal Service:

We offer structural drying: Mould often grows due to water damage (detected through thermal imaging cameras and moisture tests) and as a result in order to guarantee long-term removal of mould we can offer structural drying, this includes the process of extraction and the use of blowers and dehumidifiers to successfully dry the areas that caused the mould and building materials.

Where needed, we can remove and restore affected building materials and contents: In severe cases, we can remove and restore affected building materials such as carpet, smooth edge, gyprock plaster board and skirting boards. Depending on the severity of the mould (which is determined through the visibility of mould and a moisture meter) will determine the level of treatment needed to treat the contamination (regular mould removal or disposal and restore of affected building material).

Our highly-experienced team are just a phone call away, give us a call on 1300 762 012.

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