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Carpets Flooded? Call us for Prompt Water Damage Restoration Services throughout Melbourne

We’re sometimes asked about  how often the average family in Melbourne has to deal with wet and flooded carpets and really does need the specialist services that we offer. The answer is not often. It might only be once in your whole life. But when you need it, you certainly do need it, and the services offered by Water Damage Specialist are invaluable, often saving people tens of thousands of dollars plus all the hassle associated with having to replace all of your carpets and underlay. And that’s before you consider the often harmful health impacts of the mould and musty smells that can come with wet and flooded flooring.

Because people have to deal with carpet floods so infrequently, most just do not have the experience or specialist carpet drying fans and equipment required to save the floor coverings of their Melbourne property. Let alone preventing mould and dealing with the terrible smells that wet soggy carpet can often lead to if not treated correctly. Our highly experienced team have specialist skills and training, and an impressive set of flood restoration equipment to make sure the job is done right the first time. This ensures optimal results can be achieved, and we have the very best possible shot at saving your carpets and flooring and helping you get back to doing what you love as quickly as humanly possible!

In addition to water damage restoration, our experienced team are able to assist with sewage and contaminated spill disinfection and restoration that can arise from plumbing issues or burst pipes and water leaks. This includes sewage or contaminated spills in your bathroom, bedroom, living areas and on carpets and tiles, as well as timber, floating vinyl floors and concrete surfaces. We’ll get the job done and deliver speedy service and optimal outcomes no matter the specific cause.

3 Major Advantages of Working with the Team at Water Damage Specialist:

1. Our Experienced Melbourne Team Deal with Wet and Flooded Carpets All Day Every Day. We’ve Seen it All Before and Know Exactly what Needs to be Done to Save your Floor Coverings.

Our Water Damage and Flooded Carpet Drying Team

Understandably, you probably didn’t plan on your washing machine or plumbing system suddenly malfunctioning, or on a major weather event flooding your home with water! To many of our customers the whole ordeal can all be quite stressful, which is perfectly understandable. Some people might be tempted to initially try Googling around trying various home remedies and DIY type approaches to try and dry out their carpet, but at best, these tend to be hit and miss (we know because we’re often called in to deal with various DIY cleaning efforts when it comes to flood restoration and carpet drying). While it’s entirely your decision as to how you deal with flood remediation at your property, if you need proven results and want the peace of mind knowing that you did everything you could to save your carpets and flooring, you need to be dealing with a specialist who has the many years of experience required to deliver proven results.

2. You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know. We Plan Several Steps Ahead in the Flood Remediation and Clean Up Process

Our experienced flood restoration team have seen it all before, and we’re able to anticipate and plan several steps ahead to help achieve the very best possible outcomes when it comes to your carpets and flooring. At first, the priority for most Melbourne residents is to simply get the water out of their property and dry their wet carpets. But most people are simply not aware that there are crucial steps that must be taken beyond basic water extraction to avoid serious issues in the days, weeks and months following on from the initial flood event. For example, do you want to deal with hard and crusty carpets in the following weeks? Or do you want to have to deal with the foul musty smell that often comes after a carpet flooding event if this is not properly treated? Or do you want to have to worry about trying to deal with harmful mould spores and persistent mould growth in your home in the months following? These are all eventualities that we plan for from the moment you call us and we begin the carpet drying and water damage restoration process.

3. Our Friendly and Experienced Team Are Contactable 24/7 and Ready to Offer Rapid Emergency Melbourne Service for Optimal Flood Clean Up Results

It doesn’t matter if you’re based in the Eastern Suburbs, the CBD, Northern Suburbs, or perhaps the Western Suburbs of the city (including Altona, Footscray, Sunshine, St Albans and out to Werribee) — we offer rapid service to all Melbourne metro area and are ready to take your call 24/7. We also service Melbourne’s South Eastern Suburbs, bayside areas, the Dandenong region and out past Cranbourne and south to the Mornington Peninsula. We even offer service in other Australian cities such as Sydney and Brisbane. So no matter where you are located, if you are dealing with wet or flooded carpets and flooring in your home, business, garage or basement, please stop worrying and call our expert team! We’ll be happy to give you some initial advice over the phone and get to work ASAP to achieve the very best possible results.

A rapid response is important to achieving optimal outcomes for your wet carpets and flooring. If you’re looking for prompt, professional and hassle-free service we are just a phone call away and are happy to take your call 24/7, give us a buzz on 1300 762 012

What Our Customers Say:

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 9.7/10 | Product: Flood Damage Restoration
“I highly commend Water Damage Specialist. I had my entire apartment destroyed by a flood and the team responded quickly, ameliorating the possibility of further damage. Not only that, but even more importantly, the professionalism, compassion and constant reassurance from Joe and his team was the support that I needed at this terrifying time. He always arrived to check on the fans and dehumidifiers with a happy disposition and well within the time frame he advised. It was his meticulous attention to detail that I found incredibly encouraging and was instrumental in the development of trust. I hope to never experience a flood again so my review is by way of recommending Joe and his team at Water Damage Specialists to whatever your need may be. You will be in good hands.”

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