The Menace of Mould: What Timing is Everything When Drying Wet Carpet

The Menace of Mould: Why Timing is Everything When Drying Wet Carpet

If you’ve noticed a dank unpleasant smell in your home recently, you should pay attention. It’s a common symptom of mould. Mould is a fungal growth caused when spores land in a moist, dark area and begin to grow there. Mould Spores Are Common with Wet Flooded CarpetsThe bad news is that damp carpets can provide the ideal environment for mould and mildew to flourish. That’s when you need to make sure you don’t have mould and moisture issues and quickly look into carpet drying. Experts like Water Damage Specialist can check out your rooms and quickly eradicate any problems. Your home will be hygienic and fragrant and your carpets clean and safe.

The Dangers of Mould

Other than infusing your home with a foul unhealthy stench, mould can damage anything it grows on. Left untreated, it can eat away at the fibres of your carpets and eventually ruin them.

It can also cause health problems, especially for children and those suffering from allergies. Symptoms can include headaches, fatigue, coughing, sneezing and itchy eyes. A mouldy home is not a safe or pleasant place to live.

Dealing with Mould

Most often, your nose will be your best guide to the presence of mould. As its favourite environment is dark, hidden areas, it’s often hard to spot with the eye. Without the right equipment, you may have to turn over your carpets to find it. The undersides of carpets and padding are common areas for mould to grow.

One common reason for mouldy carpets is not drying them properly after a leak or flooding. If your carpets are affected by water in any way, you need to call in expert water damage specialists immediately. Don’t try to deal with the problem yourself. Professional providers have the experienced staff and specialised equipment to deal with such problems effectively.

If you suspect your carpets are affected by mould, you need to have them professionally treated as soon as possible. Otherwise, your home environment will suffer and you may have to eventually replace all your carpeting.

Anytime you need fast effective carpet drying or mould treatment, Water Damage Specialist is available 24 hours a day. Call us anytime.

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