Sewerage Cleanup

Expert Sewage Damage Cleanup and Restoration

Had a Sewage or Sewerage Spill? Take Immediate Action. Every Minute Counts

Any harmful liquid spilt on flooring or carpets needs to be promptly dried and professionally treated to avoid or minimise visible damage.

Call Water Damage Specialist for Rapid 24/7 Service to Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Beyond

Failure to act can result in swollen flooring, tiles lifting, carpets irreversibly marked and furniture permanently damaged.

The more polluted or staining the spilt liquid (like grey water from dishwashers, showers, baths, and washing machines) the faster you need to act. Any delay can lead to mildew even mould outbreaks and potential health problems like gastroenteritis.

Water Damage Specialist utilises sophisticated vacuuming and extraction equipment that gently yet thoroughly removes all moisture from flooring whatever the form, then sanitises, dries and restores the flooring surfaces as much as possible to their pre-damage state.

The most serious type of spills that must be acted on immediately are those involving ‘Black Water’ – like sewage from toilets or showers and burst/leaking sewer pipes (often incorrectly called ‘sewerage’) – indeed, any heavily contaminated fluid containing waste solids or corrosive materials. Flood water also falls into this most perilous category.

Failure to properly treat affected areas within 24 hours of a spill can result in serious outbreaks of bacteria and virus making living or working in the premises dangerous at best. Damaged carpets are difficult to treat after 24 hours of exposure to contaminants.

Water Damage Specialist services Brisbane (QLD), Sydney (NSW), Melbourne (Vic) and beyond and can advise you on how best to restore your flooring to a heathy state and what other steps you need to take. We are experts in floor covering and sewage and contaminated leak restoration. Each team member is skilled in the application of the comprehensive array of advance suction, sanitisers and deodorisers and dryers that we bring to each job. Our specialists understand your distress and will work courteously, calmly, quickly yet thoroughly to produce remarkable results.

So if you have any form of sewerage, grey, black or flood water catastrophe on your carpets or floors, phone Water Damage Specialist without delay for prompt service.

Remember, Every Minute Counts!

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