Why Only Professionals Will Do When it Comes to Drying Flooded Carpets

Why Only Professionals Will Do When it Comes to Drying Flooded Carpets

You hope it never happens to you. But if it does, you need to be ready. We’re talking about flooding, whether from a storm of a burst tank inside your home.

A home Flooding Due to Washing Machine FailureWhatever the cause, the effect is the same. Your floors and carpets are inundated with water. This is the precise time you need professional help to dry wet carpets and get your home back.

When professionals dry your wet carpets, it’s not just a matter of removing excess water – it’s a whole restoration program that completely dries the area and then restores your carpets. Here’s what the professionals do when they help you with flood restoration.

Thorough Professional Carpet Drying and Cleaning

Water Extraction

Obviously, nothing can be done until all the water is removed from your premises. Depending on the volume of water involved, professional flood restorers may use truck-mounted pumps for the job. Other tools they have at their disposal include high-powered fans and dehumidifiers.

Using these professional methods, they’ll ensure that excess water has been totally extracted from every corner and crevice of your home including the deepest layers and backs of your carpets. This is vital to ensure that mould can’t get a foothold.

Carpet Treatments

Drying your wet carpets is just the first step for wet carpet specialists. Once they’re dry, it’s time to restore them to their former health. They do this through the use of sprays to prevent the growth of mould and other organisms.

Another technique is to use an anti-browning spray to prevent the browning effect that damp carpet fibres often suffer from.

To ensure these treatments reach every part of your carpets, a buffing system is used to force the agents deep into the pile and then remove the excess.

A Wise Move

Why gamble with your carpets and the other fittings in your home? If you experience flooding or any kind of dampness in your home, call in the experts immediately. You’ll be glad you chose to dry your wet carpets fast.

Whenever you need to dry wet carpets,  no matter whether you’re situated in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or another Australian city, Water Damage Specialist is available 24 hours a day and ready to assist.

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