Water Extraction Sydney

There are times when a carpet is put through measures and they fall into a category of being saveable or damaged beyond repair.  Have you found yourself in a similar position and simply don’t have the knowledge of carpets to make a safe decision?  Well give us a call at Always Fresh and we can be there the same day to give you the proper consultation and advice you need.

Water Extractions Sydney: Where we operate

Always Fresh is a local carpet service that operates in the Sydney area.  We have a 24/7 service and offer a same day commitment once we have heard from you.  This is to capitalize on the fact that within the first 24 hours of water damage to a carpet it effects how deep the fluid actually seeps into the carpet, and has a direct impact as to whether it can be repaired, or if it has met a point that it is no longer a useable item.

Dry Water Damaged Carpet Sydney: Our Process

The process in which we provide water extraction is:

  1. First using the most advanced and effective equipment in the business we extract the water from the carpet; penetrating the deepest layers
  2. We use spray adhesive to destroy any possible mould growth
  3. We use a spray adhesive to prevent discoloration of the carpet due to the water damage
  4. We forced these adhesives to have maximum penetration on the carpet layers
  5. We then dry and sanitize

The end product, provided the carpet was in a state it could be repaired, is a carpet good-as-new.  We take pride in the services we provide and have further comfort in knowing we use non-toxic biodegradable materials keeping the safety of your family and loved ones at a high standard.  We are here to provide a top of the line service that keep the most important aspects in mind at all times.

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