Restoring Your Home After a Flood: A Comprehensive Checklist

Restoring Your Home After a Flood:  A Comprehensive Checklist

Dealing with a flood-damaged property can be incredibly stressful, especially when caught off guard with no clear plan. To ease this challenging situation, here’s a handy checklist to have at your fingertips in case of an unexpected flood event.

Wet and Flooded Home FloorsHaving a reliable flood restoration company on speed dial is the cornerstone of a proactive approach to flood damage recovery. Make sure you have the name and 24/7 contact information of a reputable restoration company readily available.

Safety First: Before even reaching out to the restoration experts, the initial and crucial step is to shut off all electricity. Mixing water with electricity can pose a serious threat, emphasizing the importance of knowing your main power source and how to disconnect it in case of an emergency.

Halt the Onslaught: If possible, take immediate action to prevent more water from infiltrating your home. This might entail closing off relevant water valves at the primary source or deploying mats and boards to block the flow of water.

Elevate Your Valuables: In situations where the flooding persists and immediate intervention is beyond your control, focus on safeguarding your valuables. If your home has multiple levels, consider moving as many possessions as possible upstairs. For items you can’t relocate on your own, reach out to friends, family, or even a storage company for assistance. Some flood restoration companies also offer removal services or alternative storage solutions to consider.

Notify Your Insurance: If your insurance policy covers flood damage, it’s imperative to contact your insurance company right away. They may have specific guidelines and procedures that you must follow to secure financial assistance. Missing any crucial steps could result in a denied claim, which is a significant concern given the potentially substantial costs associated with flood restoration.

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