Drying Wet Carpets — Your Key Questions Answered

Drying Wet Carpets — Your Key Questions Answered

Having your carpets and rugs damaged by leaks or flooding can leave you feeling hopeless. But the good news use that much can be done to restore them, especially if you act in a timely manner.

Here are your key questions answered about wet carpet drying. If you need help right now, our experts can provide professional services to help with carpet drying and flood restoration to restore your home quickly and safely.

How Do I Dry Wet Carpet Quickly?

Flood Restoration and Carpet Drying FansIt depends on the size of the rug and the extent of the wetness. Small rugs can be hung outside but for wall-to-wall carpets, you really need a professional drying service. Wet carpet drying experts have the experience and knowledge to assess the state of the carpets and determine the best course of action. They’re also equipped with the right specialised tools such as water extractors and dehumidifiers.

Can You Vacuum the Wet Carpet?

It depends on the type of vacuum cleaner. Don’t try it with your regular vacuum as it can be very dangerous unless it’s certified for wet use. If you have a wet vac, then it’s fine. Just run it over your carpets until no more moisture comes off. However, be aware that there are precautions you should consider taking and the padding or the floor beneath may still be damp which can cause serious problems later.

How Do I Deodorise Wet Carpet?

First, of course, you need to ensure that all the water has been extracted from the carpet, its padding, and the floor underneath. Then you can apply a commercial carpet deodoriser. It’s best to have a drying specialist make sure your carpet is completely dry beforehand.

How To Repair Wet Carpet Damage?

It depends on the type of water that flooded your carpet. If it was tap or rainwater, there’s a good chance for salvage and repair. However, with black water from toilets, the prognosis may not be as good. If you plan to go ahead, your first step is to completely dry the carpet. Then you can assess any damage. You should seek professional help at the start.

When you need the best in wet carpet drying, Water Damage Specialist is available 24 hours a day. Call anytime.

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