Water Damage Sydney – Do You Have to Throw Out Your Carpets?

Having your home inundated with water whether due to accident or act of nature is a devastating experience.

Very often, affected homeowners don’t know where to turn for help or advice and answers to the many questions they have. Fortunately, experts in water damage Sydney based can take care of your problems and respond to any issues you may have.

One common question flooded homeowners ask concerns whether their carpets are ruined or if they can be salvaged. Unfortunately, the answer to that question depends on many factors and is best answered directly by water damage professionals after they’ve inspected your home.

These are the main factors they’ll take into account.

How Long Your Home Has Been Affected

The first most crucial factor influencing the chance of salvaging your carpets is the length of time they’ve been in contact with water. With clean water, anything up to 24 hours should be a cause for optimism though obviously it depends on many factors.

If you summon experts in immediately, then they have a good chance of removing the moisture from your carpets before mould has taken root. They can then deep clean them and apply anti-browning agents. This way, your carpets should be ready for use within 12 hours or so depending on the circumstances.

Type of Water

The second crucial factors that determines the fate of your carpets is the type of water involved. Clean or sanitary water contains no contamination and generally, the only problem is causes are mould and possibly fibre rot over time.

Unsanitary water, which includes dishwasher water, toilet overflows, and black water that contains raw sewage or natural water from rivers or ponds, generally means that the carpet will have to be discarded. You’ll need to consult your water damage Sydney experts for a definitive verdict.

As you can see, whether your carpets will be safe or not depends on a number of factors that can only be determined by experts on site. If you suffer any home flooding, don’t delay in calling for professional help.

Whenever you need help with water damage, Sydney based Water Damage Specialist is available 24 hours a day. Call us on 1300 762 012 anytime.

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