How to Dry Wet Carpet Sydney Style

Our carpets can become damp or even soaked with water for many reasons including accidents, acts or nature, or burst tanks or pipes and so on.

Whatever the cause, it’s essential to deal with the problem as soon as possible. Failure to take prompt action to dry wet carpet can result in the deterioration of carpet fibres and the growth of mould.

Some kinds of situation you can deal with yourself though you’d be wise to have an expert check your carpets to make sure they’re completely dry. In certain cases though, professional help is a must.

Here’s your guide on how to dry wet carpet.

Spills and Stains

We’re all guilty of spilling liquids on our carpets at some point. When plain water is involved, you can just mop up the excess and wait for the area to dry. Other kinds of liquids such as wine, tea or coffee might require some cleaning. Be sure to use the right kind of cleaning agent for your particular type of rug or carpet.

Serious Leaks

If a pipe or tank bursts and your carpets get seriously wet, don’t dry and deal with the problem yourself. This kind of drying requires the use of specialised equipment to lift up the carpets and dry the underside. You also need to act fast to avoid the growth of mould.

Severe Floods

This is the most serious case and occurs when your home is inundated with water. It can result from a storm or other serious weather conditions and absolutely requires professional help.

Specialised firms can use truck mounted water extractors to remove the bulk of the water and then use powerful fans and dehumidifiers to dry out the area. They can then get to work restoring your carpets.

If you experience severe flooding in your home, first turn off the mains power and call your local experts in flood damage restoration. Sydney is the beat of Water Damage Specialist, a firm with the resources to quickly and professionally take care of any flood problems.

When you need experts to help you dry wet carpet, Sydney based Water Damage Specialist is available 24 hours a day. Call us on 1300 762 012 anytime.

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