Drying Wet Carpet Sydney – The Bane of Browning

Should your carpet become wet, a slew of problems can arise unless you deal with the situation promptly and professionally. One of the worst issues is that of mould which can cause health problems as well as destroy the fibres of you carpets.

Another situation you need to look out for when drying wet carpets is that of browning. This is a phenomenon that occurs when the tips of the carpet fibres turn dark after drying or cleaning which adds an unattractive brown cast to your carpets.

So why do the tips turn brown?

It happens when water evaporates from the fibres. As the moisture is drawn up to the tip, it deposits any contaminants it brings up from deep in the pile. This upward movement of water is known as wicking.

These contaminants can come from the water, from dirt or grime in the pile, or from old stains that hadn’t been properly cleaned up. Sometimes it can take a flood to show you how dirty your carpets really are deep down!

Factors that Aggravate Browning

Obviously, the existing state of your carpets is a factor, along with the condition of the water that flooded your home. Another factor is the way you have your carpets cleaned. Using high alkaline cleaning agents can lead to browning so if you have your carpets professionally cleaned, make sure the cleaners understand these issues.

How to Minimise Browning

Have your carpets professionally cleaned regularly to minimise the amount of dirt deep in the fibres. Entrust your carpets only to firms who understand how to treat them properly

Take fast action if your carpets are affected by water. Calling in the experts immediately you discover flooding is the best thing you can do to maximise your chances of salvaging your carpets.

Be sure to hire only reputable firms for drying your wet carpets. Only experts with the right expertise and tools know how to deal with flood-damaged carpets and handle the problem of browning. It would be a shame to salvage your carpet only to find it marred and ugly.

Whenever you need help with drying wet carpet, Sydney based Water Damage Specialist is available 24 hours a day. Call us on 1300 762 012 anytime.

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