Dry Wet Carpet Sydney

Have you just remodelled your home?  Or perhaps you just did some spring-cleaning and you feel you are finished, but what about the carpets?  Carpets are easily overlooked, but such an important part of any home to properly take care of.  Always Fresh have been servicing carpets for a long time, and while they are known for their restoration of damaged carpet, they also dry clean carpets for the natural basis of increasing their lifespan.  Always Fresh operates in the Sydney areas and offers a service that keeps them ahead of the competition; due to the use of the top of the line machines and a staff that is well versed in all areas of carpet maintenance, we offer a one of a kind service for the people who are worth it: you, the customers.


We offer safe and reliable products that can be brought in your home regardless of whether you have kids or pets.  Once we are done our services you don’t have to worry about chemical hazards, our materials are non-toxic and biodegradable.  We use a low moisture system, which enables faster drying, and we take the hassle of any room rearrangement to complete the job on our own hands.  Any room adjustments we make, we put back, leaving all the inconvenience to us, and the benefits for you to receive.

Business with us

Business with us means more than a simple arrangement of a contract: it’s a partnership.  From the moment we enter your home we treat it as if it is our own home, and treat you like family.  We offer a memorable service with a solid reputation and we want to keep it that way.  Call us for a consultation so we can make a special arrangement with you.

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