Water Damage Epping  

Are you in a situation where you are dealing with a carpet that has been damaged and you are uncertain as to whether to trash it, or if its condition is possibly saveable? Did you recently experience a bad flood and the damage done to your carpet could have potentially destroyed it? Well rather than taking that decision on yourself, why not contact us? At Always Fresh, we offer a carpet service that allows us to repair, maintain, and even save your carpets. We specialise in water damage Epping   and have the experience needed to tackle any job. We can offer a professional opinion and give you professional advice that will lead you to the answer that is most suitable for your situation.

Water Extraction Epping  : Which service is best?

Evaluating a carpet isn’t an easy thing to consider. A lot of it has to do with depth and the amount of time a certain amount of fluid has seeped to that particular area of the carpet. With our tools and professional knowledge, we can take a look at your carpet and evaluate the water damage and under the circumstances it is saveable, we will be able to provide a thorough service that allows us to properly treat and save it. That means no mould and no potentially harmful substances that could hurt your family.

We offer an honest service that is geared to helping our customers and giving you a way to save money as well as a piece of furniture of your home. Carpets are in no way an inexpensive item, and if there is a chance to save it from meeting the end called the dumpster, we will provide it and allow you a way to keep the green in your wallet.

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